Broken Cups still pour water by Pastor Dale

Posted on Dec 18 , 2014 in Blog

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Broken cups can still pour water!

I know that hurt people can hurt people. But have you considered that hurt people can heal people. I agree that we need healing and wholeness. I have learned a powerful truth over 20 years of ministry and more recently the past several years. In leading there is bleeding. In healing there is hurting. In blessing there is brokenness. I have felt and even said as well as others, “I can’t be effective because I am so defective” or “I am too hurt to help any one else” or “I am too broken to be a blessing”. I understand this very well. However, God has began to reveal to me another level of grace and untapped anointing. That is Broken cups can still pour water. If pain, rejection, brokenness, bleeding, etc. were signs of defective leadership then the Cross of Jesus would have been of no effect. His ministry and leadership had everyone of these elements and more. His ministry also was marked by so many miracles that the books of the world could not contain them. I know this is a very touchy and volatile subject amongst my friends and family in ministry. However, If we are disqualified by our dilemma, sidelined because of our storms, or benched because of our brokenness then our ministry has no effect. Broken cups can still pour water. God wants you and will make you whole. No doubt about it! But please consider that there is healing in your ministry. Not just for others but yourself. If I waited until everything in my life was perfect or I was totally and completely free from hurt, I would remain polarized and paralyzed by my pain. Im no hero just a brotha that is learning how to live in Him who died for me. Broken cups can still pour water!!!!!!