Our Vision arises from our understanding of what the Sovereign God purposes to do through Judah Church.

1. We shall be known as a people committed to the Authority of Holy Scripture for Faith and Direction.

2. A Fellowship whose worship brings God’s power into

the Life of Judah Church and extends that power through the lives of believers into the market place.

3. A body that is directed by the Spirit knowing it is the Power of the Holy Spirit that endows us to be a witness and to serve the Great Commission.

4. A people who hungers for God, experiences His Presence and stands in awe of His Holiness as He changes Believers into Conformity with Christ.

5. A New Testament Ministry that leads all members into the exercise of Spiritual Gifts to Edify the Body.

6. A Church that loves all People and stands opposed to any action or policy that discriminates against any group or individual because of race, color, or nationality.

7. A Movement that evidences Love and Concern for the hurt and loneliness of the unsaved through aggressive Evangelistic, Discipleship, and Nurturing Ministries.

8. A Church that is Christ Centered, People –oriented, and need – sensitive in all its Programs and Ministries.

9. A Movement that promotes Policies and Ministries which reflect and open/sincere effort to remain relevant to each Generation.

“If these statements burn in your heart as they do in ours; then join us as we pursue the dreams God has placed inside of each and everyone of us and fulfill the destiny He created us for… ”